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Short Story: A Pony of Her Own – Ch. 10 (The End)

"Ginger's freckled nose" circa 1980 Photo copyright Happinessisahorse.com, Laurel Smith, All rights reserved

A short story about girls and horses by Laurel M. Smith. This story starts at this link.

Chapter 10 – The Birthday Party

Libby and her mother pulled into a parking space at the clubhouse.  Her brother
and sisters were already there with her dad setting up for the party.  Libby
noticed Tony from the stable walking out of the clubhouse.  “That’s strange,” she
thought.  “Tony doesn’t live anywhere near here.  I wonder what he’s doing at our
neighborhood clubhouse?”

Soon Libby, Christy, Amy and Monica arrived for the party.  There were also a
few of her friends from her Girl Scout troop expected to come.  When everyone
had arrived, they began the party games in the pool.  They played Marco-Polo
and a game retrieving colored rings from the bottom of the pool.  Then they had
a belly flop contest off the diving board which Libby’s father judged.  Monica
won that game, but she had always been good at falling on her face!

Libby was starting to have a good time and had almost stopped thinking about
her precious Ginger Snap until the piñata was put out.  It was in the shape of a
horse because, after all, Libby did love horses.  The girls took turns whacking it
with the bat while everyone sang a song.  Christy was finally able to break it,
and its contents rained down on the ground.  Everyone scrambled to pick up the
candy and treats.

“This is a great party,” said Monica chewing a big piece of gum from the piñata.
“I know I have been a little mean to you lately Libby, and I just wanted to say I’m
sorry and thank you for letting me come to your party.”

Libby smiled weakly, and replied, “No problem.  I’m glad you came too.
“You know, I laughed at you pretty hard when the saddle slipped off while you
were mounting Ginger Snap the other day.  The truth is that the same thing
happened to me the first time I mounted her too.”

“It wasn’t funny to me at the time,” said Monica, “but it sure seems funny looking
back.”  Both girls laughed.  It felt good to be friends with Monica at last.

The girls ate grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on the pool patio.  Then it was
time for the cake, ice cream and the presents.

“Happy Birthday To you! Happy birthday to you!” they sang while her mom
carried out the cake with ten candles burning bright and placed it in front of her.

Libby was about to make her wish and blow out the candles when she realized
that she had nothing to wish for.  Ginger had already been sold and it was too
late to wish for Ginger.  But she wished it anyway, even though she knew it could
never come true.  She didn’t care.  She closed her eyes and blew out the
candles and began opening her gifts.

Her friends had given her some fun board games and some books about
horses.  The gift from her parents had some nice new clothes for school in it.

Lauren handed a fairly large box.  “Here’ you go, Libby — a pony of your own!”
she giggled.

Libby didn’t think that was very funny.  She opened the box and in it was a nice
palomino Breyer Horse to add to her toy horse collection.
“Thanks Lauren.  It’s really nice.”

There was one more short flat box on the table.  It didn’t look anything at all like
the present she had daydreamed about. It wasn’t nearly big enough to fit an
entire pony into it.

She sighed as she began tearing the wrapping paper.  Inside the box was a
small key on a string.  “What’s this for?” she asked.

“It’s for your tack trunk, of course — to keep all your riding equipment.”
“What riding equipment?  All I have is my black riding helmet.”  Libby looked
into the box again.  There was an envelope at the bottom.  She was very
confused as she opened it.  Inside the envelope were a picture from the bulletin
board and a bill of sale showing that the Welsh pony Ginger Snap had been
sold on Friday the day before.  Was this some kind of cruel joke?  Libby already
knew that Ginger had been sold.  Why did she need to see the bill of sale?

“Oh, Libby, don’t you get it?” her friends asked her.

“No, I don’t.”  Then she heard a familiar sound outside.  It sounded like a pony
whinnying.  Still confused, Libby jumped up from the table and looked outside.

It was Tony from the stable.  He was leading a pony right into the clubhouse
toward Libby.  It was Ginger!  Libby looked over at her father and mother.

“She’s all yours Libby!” said her father.  “I told you we’d discuss having a pony
when you were older, and now you are!”

Libby’s face beamed like the sun.  Her friends squealed with joy.  She ran up to
Ginger and put her arms around her neck.  Her impossible birthday wish had
come true after all.  Then she kissed Ginger on that sweet freckled nose that
she loved so much.  Ginger looked for her treat.  Libby handed her a sugar cube
from the table.  Libby was still in shock as Ginger nibbled the sugar from her

“Thank you! Thank you!” she cried.  “But how did you…”

“I’ve been planning this for weeks,” said her mother.  “I’m the one who asked
Miss Lee to let you try Ginger Snap in the lesson in first place.  The sale wasn’t
final until yesterday, and I didn’t want to get your hopes up in case the sale didn’t
go through.  Besides, I wanted it to be a complete surprise.”

“We knew about it too, Libby!” said Lauren.  “It was so hard not to tell you about
it, especially when you were so broken-hearted at the lesson this morning.
Ginger has been waiting here at the clubhouse for you the whole day!

“If you can keep your grades up and keep up with your chores, then we want you
to join the Pony Club too.  In fact, Pony Club’s summer camp starts next week,
and you’ll be able to attend,” said her mother.

“I’m the happiest girl in the world,” thought Libby.  Her smile was growing bigger
and bigger.  She hugged her mom and dad tight.  “Thank you,” she whispered
in her dad’s ear.

“You’ve earned it Libby,” He said.  “You’re the most responsible ten year old
that I know,” he chuckled.  “We love you very much.”  And he kissed her right on
her own freckled nose.

“So what do we do now?” asked Monica.

“I know,” said Libby.  “Pony rides for everyone!”  Ginger snorted and looked as
if she were hoping to get treats from everyone too.


"Ginger", circa 1974 Photo©Happinessisahorse.com






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  1. That was such a cool story!

    Posted by niketa | September 5, 2011, 10:49 am
    • Glad you liked it! The pictures on this page are the “real” pony Ginger about who I wrote the story. In the top photo, you can see her freckles on her nose. And yes, that’s me in the bottom picture.

      Posted by Admin | September 6, 2011, 7:54 pm

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