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Short Story: A Pony of her Own – Ch. 5

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A Pony of Her Own: A short story about girls and horses by Laurel M. Smith

Ch. 5 – The Long Wait

The week that followed seemed like a year to Libby.  On Sunday morning she
went to church with her family and then gathered at the table with her brother
Jason and her younger twin sisters for Sunday brunch.  Their dad was sipping
coffee and mumbling something about soccer teams with Jason.

“Dad,” Libby began, “Do you think there’s ever a chance that I could have my
own a pony?”

“Aren’t your weekly riding lessons enough?” he replied.  “With your swimming at
the neighborhood club and Girl Scouts and then school, I don’t see how you
would have time for a pony all the time. Besides, it’s a huge responsibility
owning a pony.  Let’s talk about it when you’re older.”
Libby spent the rest of the day doodling pictures of the pony she’d seen in the
photo at Spring Park Stables. She wrote in her diary that she wished to have a
pony like Ginger for her birthday in two weeks.  She spelled out the name
“Ginger Snap” in big curly letters in her diary.

~ Ginger Snap  ~

“What are you doing in here all alone all day, Libby?” her mother asked later
that afternoon.

“Oh, just thinking, Mom.  Just thinking.”

“Why don’t we go to the pool tomorrow?  I’ll call Lauren’s mom and see if they
can meet us there.”

“Sounds great,” Libby replied still dreaming about Ginger.  Her daydreams
about her own pony had only left her broken hearted in the past.  She would
never learn.

On Monday, Libby and Jason met Lauren at the Spring Park Clubhouse.  Her
mom went to meet with friends and Jason headed over to the pool right away.
Libby’s younger twin sisters had gone over to a friend’s house for the day.

Lauren was bursting with excitement when she was finally able to talk with
Libby.  “I get to ride Lady in next week’s lesson,” she told her.  ” Lady is so
beautiful.  I know I’ll just love her.  Maybe she’ll be the one that I’ll buy for my

“I’m happy for you that you’ll be getting a horse of your own.  Someday maybe I’ll
have one too, but who knows when that will be.  My dad isn’t exactly thrilled with
the idea.”

“If wishes were horses….,” said Lauren.

“Exactly!” replied Libby.  “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Miss Lee has a pony
for me to ride next week, and you know how much I love little ponies!”

“That’s great!  I can’t wait.”

“Her name is Ginger.  I saw her picture on the For Sale bulletin board in the
office after the lesson the other day.  She’s so cute!”

“Perfect,” said Lauren.  “And nasty old Monica won’t be there to cause any
trouble this time either.  I’m really excited about riding Lady.  I hope Monica
didn’t hurt her with that stunt she pulled at the creek on Saturday.”

Suddenly from behind their table in the clubhouse they heard someone say,
“Oh, I didn’t hurt Lady!  And I don’t need to be there to cause trouble!”

It was Monica!  She had been listening to their whole conversation.  “I’ve already
asked my parents to buy Lady for me, so she probably won’t be there for your
lesson anyway! Ha!”

Libby turned away and rolled her eyes in disgust.  She couldn’t believe how
spoiled Monica was.  She also couldn’t believe that her mom was making her
invite Monica to her upcoming birthday party.  Her mom had told her that she
had to invite all the girls from the riding class or none of them.

“Well, have they agreed to buy Lady for you yet?” asked Lauren.
“Umm, not exactly.  But they will by this time on Saturday!  And if they don’t want
to buy Lady for me, then I’ll have to check out this Ginger pony that you’ve been
talking about.  Maybe I’d like her better anyway!”
Libby felt ill.  The thought of that spoiled brat owning any horse at all made her
feel sick.

“Well, I’m off to my private tennis lessons!  Have fun in the baby pool, you

“Don’t let her get to you Libby,” said Lauren.  “She can’t see Lady or Ginger by
Saturday.  She’s been suspended for a week.  Remember?”
“You’re right, Lauren.  Come on.  Let’s go find Jason at the pool.”

On Tuesday, Libby went with her Girl Scout troop to learn all about safety while
hiking.  Christy and Amy were there too, and so was Monica.  Lauren was also
in the troop but for some reason she wasn’t there today.

The girls hiked along with their troop leader through the woods not far from the
stable.  Along the way they learned how to watch their direction and how to mark
the trail, and what to do if someone got lost, and other safety rules.

Monica asked Libby why Lauren wasn’t at the hike.  “I have no idea,” Libby told

“Humph!” retorted Monica.

.Libby wondered if Monica had talked her parents into buying Lady for her yet.
Then she wondered if Monica only wanted to boast to Lauren about getting
Lady for herself.  She decided not to ask her since it would only start Monica
yelling again.

Part of their hike led them along a fence-line that bordered the pasture where
many of the stable horses were kept.  Libby tried to peer through the tall wire
mesh fence hoping for a peek at Ginger, but the Kudzu vines had grown thick
and smothered the fence.  It was impossible to see through it or over it.

Then the path took a slight curve toward the fence where Libby noticed a
perfectly square hole had been cut into the wire mesh.  It was down low and was
just big enough for someone small to squeeze through.  “How strange,” she
thought, but didn’t really wonder much more about it.  The summer sun was high
in the sky and it was getting really hot.

“The end of the trail is just ahead!” cried the Troop Leader.  Monica ran ahead.
She glared at Libby as she ran past her.

“You’ve done a great job on your hike, girls!” said the troop leader.  “I’ll see you
next week.”

Libby’s mom was waiting at the trailhead with a big cooler of lemonade for the
Girl Scouts.  “I’ll be happy to give anyone a ride home who needs one,” said
Libby’s mother.  Amy and Christy and two other girls thanked her and climbed
into their big blue van.

“What about you, Monica?  You just live two doors down from us.  Would you
like a ride too?”

Monica shook her head.  “I’m sure my mom will be along for me any minute.”

Read more horse stories“OK, we’ll see you at riding lessons on Saturday!” Mrs. James said as pulled
the sliding door of the van shut.

“Oh no you won’t see her,” said Christy. “She’s been suspended from riding at
the stable next week because she wouldn’t follow the rules.”
“Oh, that’s right.  I forgot,” she said as she waved good bye to Monica through
the window.

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  1. Ginger must be a really pretty pony. In my riding school I think there’s a horse just like Lady. Her name is Angel.

    Posted by niketa | September 5, 2011, 9:55 am

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